Probate Lawyer in Stamford


The Experience of a Probate Judge and Probate Lawyer

If you need a probate lawyer in Stamford or southwestern Connecticut, my unique experience will help you smoothly move through what can be a difficult process. I represent executors and administrators in decedents estates in Stamford and throughout lower Fairfield County in Connecticut.  

I've practiced probate for over 20 years as a Connecticut attorney.  I'm also the probate judge in the Region 22 Probate District in Southbury, one of the busiest probate courts in Connecticut.  I have experience in literally thousands of probate cases. I've also had experience when my own family members passed away.  This unique level and breadth of experience can help you and your family move smoothly through the probate process after the death of a loved one.

Clients rely on me for honest advice, personal service and cutting edge legal knowledge.  I can answer even the most complex probate questions. By limiting my client caseload, I'm able to provide personal service to each and every client.  Your case will not be handled by an inexperienced associate-level attorney, paralegal, or administrative assistant.  All work on my cases is performed personally by me.

Many people receive advice from friends, family or co-workers regarding probate. Unfortunately, this advice is usually incorrect. When you have a probate question, it is crucial that you seek guidance from a lawyer with extensive experience in probate matters. Probate is a highly specialized area of the law. 

Avoiding Probate

When a Connecticut resident passes away, there are two major reasons why it's necessary to go to the probate court. One is to determine the legal owners of assets that were solely in the name of the person who passed away. 

The second reason is to ensure that Connecticut estate taxes and probate fees are paid. This second reason is the source of much confusion and is often conveniently overlooked by unscrupulous purveyors of "one size fits all" estate planning products.

Whether your question centers on the estate planning process or you have lost a loved one and need probate representation, I encourage you to call me at 860-274-6275 or complete the online contact form on this website.