Wills and Trusts in Stamford


The Foundation of an Estate Plan

Wills and trusts provide the foundation of a comprehensive estate plan. Many people avoid them because they feel intimidated. However, wills and trusts have an important role in an effective estate plan. The question is, how do you start? Is a trust right for you? I create wills and trusts in Stamford and Watertown, Connecticut for families and indviduals thought Connecticut.  Contact me to discuss your needs and your wishes for the future. As an attorney with more than 20 years experience in estate planning, and 14 years as a sitting probate judge, I am uniquely qualified and represent clients  interested in creating an effective estate plan. My clients get more than legal documents - I empower them to make informed decisions.

Wills: Whether you are completing your first will or need to create a new will because of changes in your circumstances such as a second marriage, the birth or adoption of children, the development of a business,  or a change in your health or finances, I can help. I draft wills in Stamford and Watertown for clients throughout Connecticut. Each will is customized for your needs, circumstances and objectives. I also take time to help my clients understand their options and how the will they ultimately choose operates.

Trusts: Trusts can be developed for loved ones with special needs, minor children, surviving spouses and even pets. Trusts can also be used to provide financial stability for assets such as vacation property, bank accounts, stock portfolios and investment real estate, to name just a few.

An effective estate plan can give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your wishes will be honored, even if you become incapacitated. To gain peace of mind knowing that loved ones will be provided for, and protecting your hard-earned assets, schedule a consultation with me today. I can be reached by phone at 860-274-6275 or by completing the online contact form on this website.